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26.2 mi


7:50 mi


171 lb


50 F
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I'll probably write more later. First half right at 1:40. Apparently I was at 3:20:00 at 30K. I lost Doug around mile 18-19. Totally missed the 20 mile marker. Didn't have my Garmin so I was doing math in my head, apparently not well. I was fading but mostly keeping it sorta together, better than I have other times. I really thought I had the time, miles 23-24-25 even. I was having left hamstring/butt issues if I would try to pick up, so I just tried to stay steady at the slower pace. I can't remember the time exactly at mile 25, but I thought it was 3:14:30, which meant I had 10.5 minutes for the last 1.2. I was sure I was moving at least that well. There was a weird clock before mile 26, and no clock at mile 26. No excuses but if there had been a clock there I think I may have been OK. I was just so sure I had it. Like I said somewhere else, my own damn fault for making it that close.

A month ago I thought I had no shot, and my training for this was really pretty lukewarm. So in that sense a 3:25+ is not that bad of a time. I had an OK last few weeks of training, and I was healthy. But I lacked the quality long runs, mileage and long tempos.

Great time seeing everyone of course, lots of PRs and great races from the CN crowd and also from the swamp. Mostly I'm really happy for Doug, which sounds queer but is true.

Guess this throws off the whole Boston 2014 thing, and I really don't plan to run a marathon in the spring. We'll see what winter brings.



Good perspective Lance and nice job.


It's tough doing math after the 20 mile mark, even tougher when you don't have a clock when it counts. Given the level of training, you are right to be encouraged. Hope to see you at the new Maine Coast Marathon in May. That's the one where Dick got his 2:38 PR. I say it's one to run even if you don't plan to train for a BQ. Of course, if you do train, we'll be glad to see you in Boston in 2014.


I wouldn't beat yourself up for "making it that close". The truth is that It is that close! It is very clear that if you didn't encounter absolutely shit luck with your Garmin crapping out on you last minute the BQ was yours. The good thing IMO is that now there should be no doubt in your mind that you can do it and therefore you WILL get it. No doubt.


so what...time to get ultra thick...which is so bigger and badder. :-)


You said pretty much what I was thinking "A month ago (you) thought (you) had no shot, and (your) training for this was really pretty lukewarm." So considering all that, hope you view the race as a positive result overall and build on it when you set goals for next year. Take some positive mojo that with a lack luster summer of training and a bum watch you still came within a whisker of BQ. Some of us slower guys look to you to challenge us, so get motivated, the gaps are closing.


Thanks again for all your help. It was great running this with you.

I'm bummed seeing Pam's garmin here plugged into the PC.

I thought about bringing it to philly just in case to have as a back up.

But of course I didn't, being a dumbass and all.

It's kind of weird that you were on my end of this at Baystate and Brian missed the BQ by seconds there. Congrats on a great race !


You will get your wimpy ass out there and run this winter and do I spring marathon and BQ and run Boston with me 2014