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8:30 AM

8 km


5:16 mi

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Shamrock Shuffle 8k: 10:22 (2 mile), 15:35.7 (3 mile), 16:10.6 (5k), 20:56 (4 mile), 26:07 (Official time/gun time of 26:11)

Missed the first mile split so I wasn’t sure where I was sitting the first bit of the race. Kept on moving up and passing people who went out too fast. Later found out I was leading a big pack of people so of course I was sitting all by myself at the front for most of the middle miles and I think I settled a little too much. Slipped focus a little bit mile 4 into the wind but was able to bounce back and compete against a few guys who came up the last 1200 or so. Surged up the hill and put in a pretty good kick knowing I would be close to sub 26. Another 30 second PR today but it’s a little bittersweet because I wanted to be sub 26. I was fighting a cold from Tuesday until Saturday and finally started feeling better late last night. If healthy, I think I would’ve been able to go sub 26. I’m not training for an 8k though so I should be more satisfied with my result.

3 weeks until the big dance


Rob Scanlon

Nice race mackers!