Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

2.16 mi14:43.986:50AZ Site Race12/3/2014View Race
2.74 mi46:00.4516:48White Hall Wiggle4/20/2018View Race
3.07 mi21:18.086:57Congleton ParkRun6/11/2016View Race
3.10 mi19:47.386:24GPS5/31/2014View Race
3.20 mi28:56.879:03GPS12/13/2012View Race
3.89 mi26:016:42Boxing Day Handicap12/26/2006View Race
4.44 mi30:10.656:48Bollington CAFOD12/27/2014View Race
4.61 mi35:34.487:44Wizard 57/13/2017View Race
4.72 mi39:55.688:28Knype Pool 52/26/2017View Race
4.86 mi32:446:453 Hills (Macclesfield)4/11/2003View Race
5.00 mi32:436:33Random Route10/24/2010View Race
5.03 mi33:57.866:46Pie & Peas8/7/2013View Race
5.07 mi35:32.657:01Alsager 52/7/2016View Race
5.21 mi51:16.409:51Wincle Trout Fell Race6/4/2016View Race
5.32 mi53:03.919:59Wincle Trout Fell Race6/3/2017View Race
5.49 mi43:19.467:54Forest 57/27/2011View Race
5.58 mi2:09:32.9723:14GPS6/10/2017View Race
5.76 mi53:029:13Wincle Trout Fell Race6/4/2011View Race
5.83 mi48:44.448:22Forest 57/19/2017View Race
6.05 mi1:23:57.9913:53GPS1/27/2018View Race
10.00 km39:176:20Random Route7/7/2007View Race
6.37 mi1:16:56.9812:05Trust 1011/26/2017View Race
6.44 mi49:45.327:44Adlington WInter Warmer12/27/2017View Race
10.50 km44:006:45Gawsworth 10 K9/10/2006View Race
6.60 mi56:42.738:36Bollington Nostalgia7/9/2017View Race
6.75 mi58:23.888:40Bowstones Fell Race12/31/2016View Race
6.81 mi1:19:15.5711:39White Hall Wiggle4/15/2018View Race
7.00 mi47:226:46Langley 711/6/2010View Race
7.04 mi51:41.757:21Langley 711/5/2016View Race
7.11 mi50:597:11Bollington Nostalgia7/13/2008View Race
7.25 mi1:22:25.8411:23Boars Head Fell Race6/8/2016View Race
7.66 mi1:10:029:09Teggs Nose Fell Race8/5/2006View Race
8.20 mi1:03:357:46Christmas Cracker12/17/2006View Race
8.75 mi1:08:027:47Cloud 93/7/2004View Race
15.00 km1:06:447:10Meerbrook 15k8/9/2009View Race
9.47 mi1:05:236:55Meerbrook 15k9/23/2007View Race
9.72 mi1:40:05.2810:18Kinder Downfall Fell Race4/23/2017View Race
10.00 mi1:30:489:05Glossop 10 summer route6/8/2003View Race
10.08 mi1:27:51.828:43Rivington Trail 104/9/2017View Race
10.25 mi1:35:27.269:19GPS5/7/2011View Race
11.36 mi2:47:07.5314:43GPS6/22/2014View Race
Half Marathon1:28:496:47Helsby 4 Villages 1/2M1/18/2009View Race
13.22 mi1:51:13.578:25Stockholm Half Marathon9/9/2017View Race
13.39 mi2:02:03.739:07Coed y Brenin Trail Race1/21/2017View Race
13.50 mi1:32:406:52Northumberland Coastal Race7/20/2008View Race
13.91 mi2:38:14.1511:23Fell Handicap12/14/2014View Race
14.14 mi2:36:50.0211:06Fell Handicap12/16/2012View Race
14.70 mi3:00:0012:15Mickledon Straddle Fell Race2/4/2007View Race
20.33 mi3:28:09.1510:159 Edges9/13/2014View Race
20.50 mi4:01:0011:469 Edges9/26/2009View Race
21.00 mi4:25:0012:389 Edges9/25/2010View Race
26.06 mi4:19:34.769:58Ladybower Trail Marathon6/24/2017View Race
Marathon3:24:187:48Virgin London Marathon4/13/2014View Race
26.57 mi5:34:44.1012:36Ladybower Trail Marathon6/18/2016View Race