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Bloomsday 12K, 2014
Name: Cecil
Profession: IT - Retired (June 2017)
Age: 62
Height: 1.70 m
Current Weight: 62.6 kg
Goal Weight: 60.3 kg
Location: Moscow, ID
About me: 
"Retired" from running October 2016 at age 61 due to chronic left knee pain. Recent best run; 1 mile in 5:42. Added quotes to "retired" on 12/30/2016 after running a 5k in 21:32 with no knee pain, after taking two months off. Spring 2017 - walking and walk-jogging 50 miles per week. Retiring permanently from my job June 1st, 2017. Hope to spend more time training, traveling and studying things that interest me, as well as spend more time on my hobbies such as photography.
Why do I run: 
Because it keeps me looking and feeling young.