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8:35 AM

5 mi


10:23 mi


76 F


4 / 10
5 / 10
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First run of 5+ miles in over 7 months!! YEA!! 79% humidity and 76 degrees with the sun beating down on me the entire run. There was more to this run than just the distance, but I put the steps in.I walked the steepest parts of the 2 hills on the way back just so I would be sure to be able to finish. That is reflected in the mile splits on the return trip. The hills were in mile 3, and then at the end of mile 4 a little bit into the first of mile 5.

I felt like I was running conservatively at first, but looking at the splits i probably was being a bit to optimistic for the first time i have gone 5 mile in over 7 months.

10:11 9:56 10:37 11:06 10:01