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5:25 AM

4 mi


9:00 mi


192 lb


39 F


2 / 10
6 / 10
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When I woke up this morning at 5:00 am to rain and 39 degrees it would have been very easy to crawl right back into bed. However, knowing that I skipped my run yesterday for more sleep since I had stayed up so late the night before got me up and got me going with very little effort for my 4 mile run this morning.

The steady rain was gone by the time I made it out the door but I will still left with sprinkles throughout the run and lots of puddles left from the last day of raining. I have run this route many times before so I know right where the water puddles up so I was able to avoid stepping into anything unpleasant.

I am not sure if it is becoming a habit given this past Sundays run (, but I once again was overdressed for the weather. I am not sure about you, but 30 anything and rain sounds like I need to be saying burrrrr. I dressed for what I thought would be wet and very burrr, but it turned out to be damp and sticky.

The run went good, but took a bit more energy than I expected, although I am sure this is probably because of the poor dinner choice I made last night.