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7:45 AM

6 mi


9:13 mi


182 lb


75 F


3 / 10
2 / 10

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Not a good 6 mile run this morning. I started off good running from the high school after dropping off my daughter for her Cross Country practice, but then things changed quickly after just 1/2 mile when I tripped over my own shoe laces (yes, my own shoe laces..... and they were tied!) The first time I caught myself, but the second time I went down on my hands and one knee. My knee took the brunt of it and is now missing a bit of skin.

I continued and did the 6 miles but had a couple times where I wasn't feeling good and walked a little bit (mile 3 & 5) I did choose a road I had never run before and I didn't realize how hilly it was. That coupled with the 13 hours of driving yesterday and the poor choices in eating (mainly just too much) over the last week I am not at all surprised.