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9:55 AM

4 mi


9:12 mi


189 lb


29 F


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Today was the first day we headed back outside since Monday in the snow. Each day since the snow and freezing rain everything has been frozen solid. No slush or anything because it was all frozen as well.

Today was the same, but the roads have started to clear up a little bit over the past day. The first half mile was a couple zig zags across the road to find some place clear of ice to run but we did have some nice clear roads some of the way. We then headed out onto the main road where the only thing we could do was run in the middle of the road in the cars tracks. The problem with this is that every time a car came we had to jump over into the very rough and jaged frozen slush/ice. This slowed us down each time and also slowed us to a walk a couple times.

The second and third mile was on a sidewalk that was about 80% clear and 20% ice. It wasn't too bad and most of the ice we could run around. We only had a couple places where we had to walk over some 100% ice spots. We then got back to the mile back that was the same as that first mile with a lot of dogging of the cars.

Felt good to get outside for it, although was a bit stressful as well. It was good for my daughter Payton as well, she was begging to get out.