kooky2003's profile   

Gender: Female
Profession: I am currently working on my Ego
Age: 53
Current Weight: 65 kg
Goal Weight: 65 kg
Location: Auckland
About me: 
I have lot's of fingers, two legs, one broke, one nose, some other bits and a pair of Ta ta's. I am an artist and painter with a temperament that suits. I also have five children, an incredibly cute Grandson, a hairy husband and a very red past. Wanna run?
Why do I run: 
Mostly so that I can post on here and not feel like a tosser.
Why I started running: 
The honest answer is that one day, long, long ago, on an uncomfortable plastic chair in a drug rehabilitation unit - I got very bored of listening and a little irratated with talking, so I stood up and ran right out the door. For many years I ran from my problems and now that I've solved all of those, I am still running and I don't care to stop anymore.