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26.2 mi


8:35 mi


137 lb


Race Result

1291 / 7488 (17.2%)
62 / 639 (9.7%)
283 / 3901 (7.3%)


hard the whole way. Serious HTFU

In June I made the decision that I was going to go for BQ at PDX. I ran a half that gave me a McMillan prediction of 3:43:XX so let’s go. In June and July things were falling in to place training wise. I knew it would be close and I would need things to go my way. (weather especially – since I run in Oregon at 5 in the morning my heat tolerance is pathetic)

August didn’t go so well. Illness and injury combined for me to miss a couple big runs ( no big deal) and eliminate my tempo and pace runs (bigger deal). Self destructive behavior almost nailed the coffin on this BQ attempt. I gained 6 additional pounds. Not exactly giving myself best odds. Especially when I had promised myself I would LOSE 6

But the weather gods did all they could for me. We started out at about 50 degrees. I decided 50 and humid wasn’t worth throwing away a goodwill sweatshirt over, so I bagchecked it and shivered in the corral for awhile. Saw srlopez in the corral and we chatted awhile. Finally we were off. At about mile 2 it started to spritz and the rain slowly gathered strength the whole time. Very pleasant for most of the race, if you like rain. Which I do.

PDX paceteam has a terrain adjusted pace band generator. Not wanting to run WITH the pace team I set mine at 3:43 with the plan being to not try to make up any extra time lost at the start or the hills. Target times will be in parenthesis following actual time

Started out slow but found myself breathing down the neck of the 3:40 pacer – backed off, probably too much we came through the 1st mile at 9:00 (8:21 target). One woman was going crazy in the crowded start yelling at anyone who came within 6” of her “DON’T CUT ME OFF” – ironically cutting me off as she yelled at someone else. As we headed into the second mile the crowding eased up and the pace teams went out to make up the slow first mile. I started feeling myself pulled along when the 3:45 team passed me but (somewhat) stopped myself. I had made the decision to let the 40 seconds go. It was extremely hard to watch first the 3:45 team, then the 3:50 team pass me. But they were doing sub 8mm. Mile 2 8:22 (8:32) – so I did speed up a bit, but not too bad. A bit concerned about my right ham and glute

Mile 3 is up hill – the pace teams were still kicking it in gear and I let them go. 8:52 (8:52). Mile 4 is downhill – I am usually a good decender so I had decided on downs to run relaxed but not hold back. Passed the 3:50 team but still behind the 3:45 team don’t have my exact split as I hit the button when I passed the pace caller and realized it was somewhat ahead of the actual split. 7:25 -but I think closer to 8mm (8:27).

Mile 5 was flatter so I am not sure why the pacegroups have this as a faster mile. To me this is when all the beginning twists and turns and hills end and you can settle in to your long term pace. I had been close to the pace group at the end of 4 but they were running too fast again so I let them go. 8:32 split 42:14 (42:33)

I wasn’t too concerned yet that the first 5 miles felt harder than they “should” I am a slow starter and pretty much the first 5 miles feels hard at any pace, but now I am getting to the point where I need to settle in. Miles 6-11 should all be around 8:29 ish pace flat steady out and back. It never got easier. There was not one single point in this race where I felt that I could hold the pace to the end. During this long stretch my gut was barking. I feared candicing, but told myself it was just impending AF so ignore it. My left ankle was also annoyed which pissed me off because my RIGHT ankle is the injured one. 8:24, 8:29, 8:29, 8:32, 8:33, Mile 10 split 1:24:42 (1:24:56) 8:26 Somewhere in here I finally passed the 3:45 pace team.

Mile 12 kicked my ass, 8:58 (8:31) – I was struggling with the hills and turns. Was passed by the pace team again. My legs are starting to burn and I am thinking there is no possible way I can hold this. I am shaky when I start downhill

Mile 13 was better 8:15 (8:29) and HM 1:51:19 (1:51:19) Pace team is right with me so they are ahead of their own pace.

Now we are on the approach to the St Johns bridge – 8:29 target. I like this stretch but I struggled today 8:35, 8:39, 8:32. By now the pace band I created is soaked and totally unreadable. I rip it off and think Bridge SLOW Mile 22 fast. Everything else try to stay in the 8:30 range.

Mile 17 The bridge. It is longer and slower than I remembered. 9:28

Mile 18- 21 Theoretically flat, but in reality quite rolling. 8:26, 8:42, 8:45, 8:51 – I had calculated 2:50-2:52 for the 20K split and came in at 2:51:30 so I know I am closer to that 3:45 than the 3:43. At mile 19.5 the wheels start to come off, I keep finding myself at a 9mm. Rev it up, drift down, rev it up drift down. I am doing intervals. Yay. I know the pace team must be closing in.

Mile 22 starts the big down. I know I need to take whatever I can get here. 8:18. See my friends.

Mile 23. 8:40 The pace team passes me. I almost give up. And I do mental math and say HELL no. That team is ahead of pace. I shouted out loud “HARDEN THE FUCK UP YOU DID NOT COME HERE TO QUIT” My fellow runners glance at me a bit, but pick up the pace.

Mile 24 8:40 but somewhat uphill. At this point I remind myself of the :59 grace period. Do not give up.

Mile 25 8:18. God it hurt Thank god I did run that fast because I came within SECONDS of being blocked by a train. The lights and bells started just as I got there.

Mile 26 8:38. Hands somewhat tingly. See dh at ~ 25.75 and realize I have 5 minutes to do 0.5 miles and hit 3:45. Oh yeah. I can do that.

Mile 26.2 I start crying as I head up the hill. Round the corner just as the guntime hits 3:45 and cruise in. Wave my hands in the air for the photo. I am going to Boston.