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7:08 AM

13.1 mi


10:18 mi

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Seriously? A portapotty at mile 1.5? Yes...first ever

Felt ok until about 8.5, not bad.

Things seem to have survived.

First time I've gone out shooting for over 2 hours in a long long time. Probably ran more than I should have. I was feeling pretty good until about 8.5 and then I did a lot of run walk. Clearly my feet do not appreciate the 10 post car accident pounds at all. I was going to walk more but then I started setting little mini time goals ending with breaking 2:15. not smart. I am fantastically out of shape. I could not have finished the full. At least I didnt set a PW

First time I had beer in a race. I think it was at mile 4.5 or so. I could have used a bit more near the end as the cytomax was leaving a nasty taste.