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Profession: IT Control Room operator
Age: 35
Height: 1.93 m
Current Weight: 92.1 kg
Goal Weight: 81.6 kg
Location: Moody, Alabama
About me: 
I live in Moody, AL with my wife, daughter and two crazy boxers. Running is my new found hobby but I still enjoy a good book or movie. I love my TV shows (Walking dead is our favorite) and I never turn down a good meal. :)
Why do I run: 
I run for my family and the self confidence that it brings.
Why I started running: 
I started running because I had put on a lot of weight after I got married and I didn't want to be overweight like so many people in my family. So I started running to help lose weight and keep my active so as my children grow I will always be able to keep up with them.