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Gender: Female
Profession: Attorney
Age: 50
Height: 1.63 m
Current Weight: 56.7 kg
Goal Weight: 52.2 kg
Why do I run: 
The fact that there IS good and bad weather is part of what keeps running. I love experiencing the variations in weather and changes in seasons by getting out for an extended period everyday. It helps me feel part of the natural world and engaged in it. I also keep running because I love the structure and discipline provided by a training program. I love the feeling of meeting measurable goals. I love the way running makes me feel. I love that every workout is a journey and a story, as is every training cycle and every race. And I love the supportive and egalitarian nature of the running community.
Why I started running: 
I FIRST started running in the late '70s when I was just a little girl. I very much wanted to do something athletic as sports seemed the key to being a proper American (I was born abroad) and sports also seemed to me the reason boys were more respected than girls. There were no organized sports for girls in my community so when my parents got into the '70s running boom, I was very excited to do some running too and I did a number of 2 mile fun runs. When I got to my teen years, I was shocked to find myself one of the more competitive runners in my high school cross country running circuit, and suddenly my nerdy, uncoordinated self had that jock image I'd so craved before, But I lost my running mojo after college. Now in my 40s, I have fallen back in love with running. Although I am a lot slower these days, becoming a runner again feels like rediscovering a lost identity.