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My 4th "Run For The Critters" 10K
Name: Melody Lamb
Profession: Artist
Age: 64
Current Weight: 60.3 kg
Goal Weight: 56.7 kg
Location: Berkshire Mountains, MA
Home page:
About me: 
Artist and stay at home working mom of teenagers. I paint miniatures (ACEOs) of animals plus illustrate children's books. I've been back to "serious" running for about 4 years. I raise money for animal charity with my races (over $6000.) My goal is to keep shaving time off my races, (I am very slow, average a 10 MM) I also own and ride a sweet horse.
Why do I run: 
Running keeps me grounded in all aspects of my life. Its mediation in motion!
Why I started running: 
I started running way back in 1976 to "get healthy" Anyone remember Jim Fix's Big Book of Running? :)