Isaiah's profile   

Profession: Aerospace Engineering Student
Age: 38
About me: 
I don't drink soda, pop, sodapop, or any other carbonated beverages. My 8th grade basketball coach said it was bad for us in October of 1999 and I haven't really had any since.
Why do I run: 
It makes sense. I work hard and I get results. It gives me a break from the stress of the day and time to think. God gave me a great gift and I plan to use my legs because not everyone has that luxury so I figure using my legs gives praise and thanks for such a great talent. Now my life time running goals are to break 30 in the 10,000 and run at the Olympic Marathon Trials.
Why I started running: 
I wanted to stay active cause I like to eat and not metabolize stuff so I tried a few different sports and running was the only one I was good at.