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Profession: Web Developer
Age: 43
Current Weight: 68 kg
Goal Weight: 65.8 kg
About me: 
I found the top Iowa road records: 8K - 23:40 Kevin Herd, 23, Coralville Drake 95 My Goal: 24:30; 10K - 29:28 Mike Carney, 26, Des Moines Drake 89 My Goal: 30:30; 10M - 48:00 Phil Coppess, 31, Clinton CapPursuit 85 My Goal: 51:00; 20K - 59:23 Phil Coppess, 30, Clinton Dam to Dam 85 My Goal: 1:04:00; Half - 1:05:29 Phil Coppess, 26, Clinton IowaCity 81 My Goal: 1:07:30; Marathon - 2:10:05 Phil Coppess, 31, Clinton Twin Cities 85 My Goal: 2:24:00
Why do I run: 
I like racing. I enjoy the challenge, the pursuit of obtaining goals. 2012 Goals: 5K: 15:00 8K: 25:00 10K: 31:00 20K: 1:05:00 13.1: 1:08:00 Accomplishments in 2011: 5K: 15:08 20K: 1:07:38 13.1: 1:09:22 26.2: 2:29:02
Why I started running: 
I ran competitively in High School and College, but by my senior year I had drifted away from the sport. Fast forward 5 years… My wife and her family signed up for “Race for the Cure” 5K in memory of her Aunt Pam. I signed up for the race and have kept running ever since. I had forgotten how much fun and challenging running could be. Running is hard and there is suffering when you test your limits; as with most personal challenges. At the end of the day my hope is to have an experience that will make me a stronger person and maybe a story to share and inspire others. In 2010 I became a member of a USATF development team Iowa Runablaze. Then in 2012 I was accepted to the Hurricane Team as an athlete ambassador for Saucony.