hopeful4ever's profile   

Gender: Female
Profession: Office Manager
Age: 64
Current Weight: 62.6 kg
Goal Weight: 60.8 kg
Location: Fruitport, MI
About me: 
I have been married for 26 years and have two wonderful daughters, age 23 and 21. We also have 4 Wirehaired Pointing Griffons, one of which is my running buddy "Brinkley". I've been running for 6years now.
Why do I run: 
The "me" time, fitness, weight control and just the pleasure of it now.
Why I started running: 
My husband bought me a treadmill a few years ago. After walking on it for a few weeks I knew I had to have a goal. So I found the C25K program, signed up for a 5K and worked towards that goal. Now I'm hooked!