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Profession: Computer Programmer
Age: 47
Current Weight: 73 kg
Goal Weight: 74.8 kg
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
About me: 
I began a steady walking routine in April 2006 at 225+ lbs. In June 2006, I ran my first mile, ever. In August 2006 for my 30th birthday, I ran my first race (5k) in 34:30. In December 2006, I ran my first half-marathon--2:08:14. In May of 2007, I broke the 2-hour mark. On 11-11-2007, I ran my first marathon--4:34:06 @ 185 lbs. In May 2008, I ran my best marathon time, ever... 3:39.
Why do I run: 
Why wouldn't I?
Why I started running: 
Because walking was not fast enough.