Omen's profile   

Profession: Treadmill Sales
Age: 49
Current Weight: 80.9 kg
Goal Weight: 73.5 kg
Location: Maine
About me: 
I'm Tim. I learned to run while chugging PBR and whiskey chasers and smoking Merits I stole from my single working mom. I bullshitted my way to a philosophy degree, which led me to the glamorous world of international relations via the travel industry. I can still name the airport codes for every country that's not too backward to have a decent hub, from Arrabury Australia (AAB, duh, easy) to Zaranj, Afghanistan (ZAJ, those feckers). I'm a giver, a people person, a sensitive empath with strong helping tendencies, according to my astrologer. I left the jet set scene to pursue an advanced degree in Helping People Figure Shit Out, for Money. I concentrated my graduate work on ultimate frisbee & skanky hippie girls...sorry, womyn. I was a dedicated therapist, and I believe I made a difference. Of course, my clients had already been incarcerated, so how much worse could I make things? But the hours were long, the money was crap, and now I sell money--for money. And sometimes I still run.
Why do I run: 
See MikeyMike
Why I started running: 
Peace in the wigwam