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Name: Todd Charnetski
Profession: Pain & Recovery Consultant
Age: 54
Height: 1.80 m
Current Weight: 85.3 kg
Goal Weight: 83.5 kg
Location: Green Bay , WI
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About me: 
I was an exercise physiologist/personal trainer for over a decade and over 30 years of experience in fitness and healthcare industries. I have a passion for running & continue my quest to get faster in all races on low miles (20-30 miles per week). I coach other runners helping them get faster with smarter training. I am an ADMIN, article writer and running coach (Coach T) on the Facebook community site I LOVE TO RUN. Author of GAIT Half Marathon Plan, NO RUN To 3.ONE Plan and SMART Approach To Faster Recovery 90 day online program. I also have a passion for treating injuries, chronic and acute pain, reducing opioid use & enhancing recovery from work outs, injuries & restoring function post surgery and post injury. This is why I became a rehab consultant for H-Wave. It is an incredible device for pain relief & exercise/injury recovery. H-Wave offers non fatiguing muscle activation to enhance healing and recovery. "Active Recovery" is the answer.
Why do I run: 
Improve race times on low miles. Because of a child hood lawn mower accident, my miles need to be limited. Better health/longevity. I still have those these goals but at age 54 I am still competitive and enjoy racing. Also, my passion is to keep myself and other runners injury free.
Why I started running: 
Needed to get in CV shape for fitness career at the time to teach high intensity classes. Plus, peer pressure to do well in races. Once I entered a 5K and did well, I was hooked.