JeanM's profile   

An "almost" floater. Photo thanks to DH for coming to one of my races with the camera.
Profession: Software Engineer
Age: 73
Why do I run: 
For my health. I've noticed that I am stronger than before I started running. I went on a ski trip last spring and my endurance was noticeably better than the last time I skied which was 4 years earlier.
Why I started running: 
I started after I turned 65. My work had a 5K run/walk and I was encouraged to participate (since I walk most days at noon). I wasn't certain I could even walk 3 miles at once so I declined. A week or two later an ad appeared for a local 5K run/walk and I entered and I started walking 3-4 miles regularly before the event. Since I could be fairly anonymous, I thought it was a good way to try. I mostly walked in that race and ran only to pass other walkers. After that, I looked for another event close to home and signed up and then I started running a little ways during my walks (similar to Couch25K, concept). The next race I ran maybe 1/3 of the race and walked the rest. Turned out I got a 2nd place award for my age group (only advantage there is to being old). Then I was hooked. I signed up for 2 more events last fall, and have been running the entire 5K distance in every event I've participated in.