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9:54 AM

22 mi


8:31 mi


161 bpm
178 bpm
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meh my tooooes are bruised. Gonna have to do the next 20+ in my tempos to see if those feel better. I otherwise really love the Launch but I think it might be just slightly the wrong shape to run a whole marathon without banging up my big toenails :C

3 Honey Stinger gels, last one with caffeine. Stomach behaved so no changeups to the race nutrition plan from last marathon, just continue to fuel long runs now so that my stomach stays acclimated to taking in/using carbs. Had oatmeal with strawberries, PB, splash of almond milk for breakfast - think I'll go with that moving forward, the amount of PB I put on a bagel I think might be too much fat for my stomach to deal with on a longer run.