Chuck Easton's profile   

Name: Chuck Easton
Profession: private teacher/jazz guitarist
Age: 76
Height: 1.75 m
Current Weight: 72.6 kg
Location: Chimacum, Washington
About me: 
We have a trailer and 5 acres (I guess officially it's a mobile home). I'm here with my wife and a cat-country livin'. I teach at an independent music store in Pt. Townsend and end up gigging a few weekends a month- various styles.
Why I started running: 
Took up running 2 miles two or three times a week after high cholesterol count many years ago. Ran a 12K once a year. Then travelled to Avenue of the Giants for a 10K in 2006. When I turned 60 wondered if I could finish a marathon and started training up for it-finished Avenue of the Giants Marathon in 2008