tmeyer35's profile   

Name: Thomas Meyer
Profession: Quantitative research analyst
Age: 49
Current Weight: 75.7 kg
Location: Ithaca, NY
About me: 
I divide my time between Central Park in NYC and the trails and open roads of upstate Ithaca, New York.
Why do I run: 
(a) There's nothing like the thrill of running on a dirt path or rocky trail, in tune with the terrain and your body, whether in a race or on a cool fall afternoon. (b) Fitness, competition, and the satisfaction of knowing that me and my legs make a pretty smooth machine.
Why I started running: 
I went to a small college with an academic reputation greater than its athletic one, so once I had the urge to try running, it wasn't hard to get on the team. Track was fun, but it was when I started running trails in preparation for my first cross-country season that I got hooked for life.