Barbs595's profile   

Profession: Insurance Producer
Age: 61
Height: 1.63 m
Current Weight: 69.4 kg
Goal Weight: 68 kg
Location: Westport, MA
About me: 
I joined weight watchers in 2006 when it finally clicked. I had been overweight my whole life. I had done all the fads, lost and regained. Got remarried and decided to get healthy. I now go to the gym at least 6 days a week and run almost everyday. I never thought I would be such a junkie. am proud of my 89lb weight loss and the shape I am in. I am not a fast runner, but at least I run and have fun! I have a great husband, awesome son and 2 wonderful grandchildren.
Why do I run: 
I run because I can. I don't compete with anyone but myself. My goal is to always finish the race. Never give up. You only fail if you never try!
Why I started running: 
Never was an athlete and always wanted to try it. My friends started training for a 5K and pushed me to do it as well. Signed up and never looked back. That was 2 years ago Fathers day 2009. Never thought I would have run a half marathon and I have done 3 in the last year. Working on becoming a half-fanatic. I am in the best shape of my life and better than when I was 18.