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8:49 AM

13.2 mi


6:34 mi


165 lb
169 bpm
179 bpm
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Another horrible race!

There is an infection on the wound on the right elbow, so I took some antibiotics, starting from Friday. I felt OK until last night. Frequent visit to restrooms. In addition, some lingering pain on the left hamstring.

Despite this, I still harbor small hope that maybe I can run within 125 to qualify for NYCM next year. So I was trying to run the first 5 in 635 and next 5 in 630 and see if I can still push more. Well, I guess I am not that strong: I simply cannot push on the hill and the plan was not that well executed. I should have listened and run 640,635 and 630.

Lessons Learned:

1. I should have been more conservative. Should run comfortably in the first 10M, where the race starts.

2. I used Adidas Boost 2 for this race and my left toe suffered a lot from the race. For some reason I felt OK for the 10 mile but I cann't walk after this race because of the toe. Maybe because I did not file my toe nail well enough.

3. Right knee still sore after the fall.

Looks like I still need time to improve my approach.