applecoree's profile   

Gender: Female
Profession: who needs one of those?
Location: Tampa, Florida
About me: 
an aspiring artist. i enjoy good beer and mineral water (usually not together). i don't eat meat and try to avoid dairy products. i love my friends and sushi. i can talk for hours about anything and go to sleep after drinking lots of coffee. trees and letters bring me smiles. i like good music and raw macadamia nuts. walks and board games are fun. thunderstorms and love excite me. i am amused by clever comments and pinwheels. i delight in climbing trees and drinking fresh organic carrot juice. i appreciate gin & tonics and making out in the moonlight. (to quote from all of my other online social networks...)
Why do I run: 
it makes me happy... before, during and after.
Why I started running: 
during the summer between 6th and 7th grade, my friend invited me to join cross-country with her... i agreed.