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Gender: Male
Profession: Avionics Engineer
Age: 59
Current Weight: 87 kg
Goal Weight: 80 kg
Location: Cholsey, Oxfordshire, UK
About me: 
48 year old, British, married for 24 years, 4 children and a dog. I work in Reading for a large US Avionics (aviation electronics) company with a head office in Iowa. I do a fair amount of business travel to the US and other places and use running a means of keeping sane and (relatively) slim!
Why do I run: 
I run to break up my working day and, when I'm away on travel, I run to try and work off the business meals and booze ;)
Why I started running: 
I RE-started running at 45 because my 14 year-old daughter wanted to start running and I didn't want her running on her own....I now outrun her in distance, but she can beat me at sprints!