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Profession: Medical Technologist (lab rat)
Age: 40
Current Weight: 74.8 kg
Goal Weight: 70.3 kg
Location: Toms River, NJ
About me: 
Started running with C25K because I found an article about it in a People magazine about 4 years ago. I gave it a try, and couldn't believe how quickly I got into shape. Its amazing to me how much I miss running when I can't get to it and how much more distance I can do each time I go. I'm looking forward to re-capturing my physical fitness after having my first baby not too long ago. It'll be a long road, but one I've already been down before, so I know I can do it again!
Why do I run: 
It keeps me healthy, sane, and my legs look hot!
Why I started running: 
Because I was tired of being fat and out of shape. I hated running as a teenager so when I heard about C25K, I decided to try it to see if could overcome my hatred. Now I can't stop!