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Profession: Communications Manager
Age: 41
Current Weight: 72 kg
Goal Weight: 72 kg
Location: Melbourne
About me: 
I'm married to a great girl who is very understanding and supportive of my running. I work in issues management/government liaison, am currently studying an MBA part time and have a young daughter. I also love PlayStation, especially American sports games (football, basketball, baseball) as well as watching them on TV. I follow Colts, Hornets and Yankees.
Why do I run: 
I run for the peace and quiet. Some alone time. Clear the mind. Oh and I like feeling fit and the personal challenges
Why I started running: 
I used to eat macca's for breakfast every day, takeaway food for lunch every day and out for dinner most nights. I also drank 3-4 litres of coke a day. I never got overweight (wonders of a 19yo's metabolism) but then one day i said 'no more', gave up junk food totally for three years and now just a bit when hungover (he he) and went to the gym, saw a flyer for a 4km fun run and thought what the hell. Now i;ve done 4 marathons, numerous half's and a few tri's.