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Profession: Life Style Coach
Age: 78
Current Weight: 67.1 kg
Location: Tallahassee, FL
About me: 
Running consistently since April, 1976. Have run 88,3xx miles as of 2/1218 . 531 races. 19 marathons. 10 + Ultras. 74 yrs old. BQ 2/3/08!! There is no finish line! Retired Army(LTC) Viet Vet.
Why do I run: 
Because I love it. Possibly more now than 10-20 years ago. Also, to help others (Newbies). Have coached 100's of neighborhood class runners and was coach of the ALL- Army Marathon Team in the early 80's.
Why I started running: 
To reinforce my quitting smoking after 10+ yrs back in late 1975.