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Gender: Male
Profession: Electrical Engineer
Age: 52
Height: 1.68 m
Goal Weight: 70.3 kg
Location: South Hero, Vermont
About me: 
I was born, raised and educated in southeast Michigan. In 1989, at age 23, I moved to Vermont for my engineering career. I have lived in the Champlain Valley ever since. I have been distance running since 1998. Got hooked on Marathons after my first, Vermont City Marathon 1999. I have run 27 total as of January 2013. Marathon times range from 3:20-4:02. I am getting noticeably slower as I age into my 40s. I have never BQ'd. My favorite distance is ~30K. If there were more 20 mile or 30K races I would likely never run another marathon. My favorite races are Martha's Vineyard and Eastern States 20 Milers. On other running forums I posted under the user name "hazelrah", after the Richard Adams character from "Watership Down".
Why do I run: 
Feeling of accomplishment. Allows my "calories in" side of the equation to increase so I can eat more tasty foods. Keep in shape for hiking.
Why I started running: 
So I could eat more without getting fat. Worked to cure depression.