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10:00 AM

26.2 mi


6:02 mi


144 lb


10 / 10
9 / 10
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(4:20am). Restless in bed, can't stand it anymore, up on my feet (4:37) start up the percolator, the weigh-in shows good karma, waiting for coffee to kick in at 5:30, jump into the car and The Stones' "Can't Always Get What You Want" beginning on the radio as I start up... Pull into Mike's driveway at 5:37:12 (goal time is 2:37:12!), scary accident on the bridge... No parking on Tremont (busses!), parked in front of the union oyster house, long walk to the common, all the runners looked like a migration of homeless folks heading to some sort of convention... Dude wearing a hospital gown! Mike, "everybody hurry up so we can wait" easy bag drop, metal wands at security, almost on the bus, then I notice my car keys still in my pocket, FECK! Back through security and apologize to the kind gear check people... Back through security only to check the other pocket and find my cell phone, DOUBLE FECK! Repeat... Finally through security the third time... Double checking every pocket now... Tweak much? (6:45?) On the bus, looking for fast people. Nice chat with the dude next to us, runner from Brooklyn with a Russian accent. On to Hopkinton... Bus waved past the athletes village, heading towards the starting line... Lots of WTF looks around the bus, finally stopped by police and turned around. Bomb sniffing dogs let onto the bus as we exit... (7:30?) Enter "the congregation of marathoners" no line for the porta potties! Free coffee! Runners dressed in pj's, several guys in full suits, one dude in a red speedo... Relaxing in our foil blankets for an hour... Mike devises an ingenious super stealth urination plan... Everyone's pissing on the trees anyway as soon as we line up outside the gates... (9:15) Finally meet up with carrier, couldn't get to the basketball courts as planned. Walk to start line, good to catch up with Chris. Agreed to run 6:00/mi pace together as long as we could both hold on. "Beer and cigarettes" en route. Arrive at the starting line, Wave 1 / corral 1. Final piss in the bottle, dropped off the long sleeve and one of my favorite hats, inked up my arms "Love that dirty Water... Boston you're my home!" National anthem, helicopter flyover, tossed the holy gray tee, pray for good mana to fall from the sky, moment of silence... Looking down at my watch (9:59:50) can't hide the lump in my throat...

(10:00am) and now the gun...

Official Splits from the BAA:

5k @ 18:36

10k @ 37:06 (18:30)

15k @ 55:38 (18:32)

20k @ 1:14:19 (18:41)

13.1mi @ 1:18:20

25k @ 1:32:45 (18:26)

30k @ 1:51:35 (18:50)

35k @ 2:10:22 (18:47)

40k @ 2:28:55 (18:33)

26.2mi @ 2:37:41 {1:19:21 half} & (8:46 final 2.2k)