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8:59 AM

50 km


7:25 mi


33 F


10 / 10
7 / 10
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Fat Ass 50k - Topsfield, MA

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"fat ass 50k"

ouch... might be a while before i try one of these "ultra" things again.

trail loop was pretty rough; very icy throughout, especially the first few loops earlier in the morning. bummed some screws off of a guy (mike?) who parked next to me, to put into the soles of my old hoka's. neither of us really knew what the hell we were doing... but it worked for me! there was a decent stretch of road (about a mile?), which was nice.

traded the lead with hudson for majority of the race (he took the first and the third, i took the second and fourth). not many others to run with after two guys leading dropped out after lap #2. we separated somewhere during the fourth lap and i just kinda zoned out. really struggled during the last loop, just focused on staying upright, not tripping, slipping, or passing out... VERY happy when i saw the gate near the parking lot / finish at the end. hot potato soup, can of coke and a banana was pretty much all i could put down afterwards. hudson finished in second around 4:01, next guy was another 3-4 minutes back.

ate a pack of gu/stinger-gummies just about every 8k (maybe an extra one in there somewhere...?). stopped at the car (parking lot was near the finish line for each loop) after the second go-around to switch hats and get rid of my pants. picked up some nuun-water and a couple snacks that stop and at the end of the next two loops.

slipped and fell pretty hard in the middle of the second lap. jumped up and kept running. nice little boost of adrenaline. noticed a little blood through my sleeves about a lap or so later, but everything hurt pretty bad by then. so... anyway... i didn't realize it until i got home, but i split my elbow open really badly. spent most of the afternoon waiting around at the ER in winchester, several x-rays (nothing broken), tetanus shot, and four stitches... so... my co-pay ends up negating the "free entry". sweet.

*had "treetop flyer" stuck in my head since i heard it on the radio driving to the race this morning... seemed appropriate.

Training Plan Entry


50 km


G.A.C. Fat Ass 50k

Bradley Palmer - Topsfield, MA