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8:32 AM

7.7 mi


7:35 mi


167 bpm
200 bpm


51 F


8 / 10
7 / 10
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Mount Greylock

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USATFNE - Mountain Series - Race #4

possibly the worst weather i've ever raced in.

and yet... it was fun?

tough conditions, but we all dealt with the wind and rain (and cold!) as best we could.

no warm-up... cause it just seemed smarter to stay warm in the car until 5 minutes before the start! decided last minute to keep my longsleeves on AND carry my lightwt rain/wind jacket. i actually felt warm midway up the mountain!

really just tried to pace myself into the back of the top ten, then maintain as close to 8min pace as possible. i knew that the first mile was supposed to be a little milder and the 2nd and 3rd would likely be the toughest. goal was a top-ten finish and sub-60 minutes. any chance of moving up in the overall standings vanished early when todd c. (2nd overall) just took off after brandon (for the W).

didn't really feel like i was racing until mile five or six. just seemed like a really hard tempo workout... worked really hard on mile six and seven to move up a position; felt like i was gaining another spot on dunham, but he just kept out of reach. surprised at how fast the finish came near the summit... just kinda stumbled through final stretch.

i know i didn't prepare adequately, but i'm really pleased with the results. neat race. i would really like to see what i can do here in good weather and with better training.



Nice run Dan!!