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3:15 PM

3 km


4:51 mi


149 lb


8 / 10
8 / 10


well, that was fun! not too bad actually. wouldn't mind dropping the pesky 0.73 seconds, but i'm really pleased with the effort overall. first race on the track since the allegheny classic 10k (may of 2006) and first indoors since kent state (2005?). didn't realize the track was 220 yards, so i was kinda surprised when they set us up 20ish meters ahead of the finish line... (started in the first position on second curve, lanes 3-4). kinda messed with the splits on the first few laps, otherwise no big deal. really felt like i was holding back for the first couple of laps, sitting back near the last three or four in the heat, until i started to move up while holding pace. felt really good at the mile 8 (7 to go). focused on quick shorts steps on the curves, longer strides on the straight-aways. weird popping out into the sunlight on the back straight. began to feel the fatigue set in around lap 10 (5 to go) and figured i'd try to push another couple of laps (by push i mean hang on to pace!) and then conserve a little during lap 13 and then treat 14 and 15 like one big lap. wimped out a little here and lost a few seconds by not going after the next group until i was on the bell lap. felt good to hear the bell far enough ahead that i wasn't dreading a lapping coming up... really had to dig deep to barely catch scott leslie on the final straight (i know he's a really good ultra guy, so i was surprised he had that strong of a kick). looking at the results, there was a little gap (3 seconds) ahead of us and a big gap behind (12 seconds).

approximate splits:


5:59 (3:01)

9:01 (3:02)

pretty sure i split the mile @ 4:46/7

11th/40 finishers (seeded 14th)