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8:46 AM

5.9 mi


9:54 mi


153 lb
149 bpm
180 bpm


54 F


9 / 10
9 / 10
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In no way, shape, or form was I adequately prepared for this sluggfest. Considering my training, lack of mileage, hill work, trail work, etc... I'm quite pleased with the results. I really tried to run the first loop (especially the ascent) as conservatively as I could... although, I'm sure that it would hurt no matter how "easy" I ran it! Luckily, I found a small group near the top of the Koessler (batshit crazy vertical "trail") including Kevin Tilton. I've run a lot of races (including Mt. Washington) near Kevin, so I knew he would be a smart/tough guy to key off of. There was a good pack ahead (I figured 40 or 50 guys) and a decent pack behind us (another 15-20 within a few minutes at the top). I foolishly tried to move ahead of Kevin at one point on the descent... only to realize why he was playing it safe through the trails when I came smashing through a stretch of trail (across one of the ski runs) that was muddier than anything I've ever really encountering in a race... slipped and fell, but popped back up. After that, I decided to see if I could just hang on to him for the next ascent...