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Seattle Locks Marathon January 2018
Name: barefoot jon
Gender: Male
Profession: retired
Age: 80
Height: 1.70 m
Current Weight: 81.6 kg
Goal Weight: 77.1 kg
Location: seattle, washington
About me: 
annual marathons since 1977-2023= 230. Annual triathlons 1978-2019 (sprint/Olympic/Half&Full IM-Jpn / Hi / CdA). Marathon Maniac #209 / Japan 100-Marathon Joyful Running Club #803. Mostly barefoot since 1990 Goodwill Games Marathon, or minimalist footwear with stiff soles (Merrell trail thongs, aquasock beach shoes, plastic garden clogs, straw waraji, wooden geta, cloth tabi, fabric/rubber jikatabi, leather ballet pads, etc)., especially for rocky trail races up to 100 miles I apparently started doing as a kid in Alaska to get back to the house in time for dinner from ptarmigan hunting up in the adjacent alpines before I knew it was called running. First barefoot marathon - 1990.
Why do I run: 
to see if I'm still in good enough shape to run 26.2 miles one or more times a year, mostly barefoot, if possible, on as little training, if any, as possible. Four hour +/- for first 25 years faded to five hours in my early 60's, six hours by age 70 now walking in 7,5 - 8 hours (when I can find marathons with other veterans to keep me company and from getting bored).
Why I started running: 
1977 (34yo): after running friends said we couldn't, did Mayor's Marathon in Anchorage, Alaska with them to see if being in shape from winter skiing was good enough to run 26.2 miles on a whim with some other ski buddies without much, if any, training. It was (3:52:13).