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6:51 AM

2.1 mi


8:48 mi


135.2 lb


76 F


3 / 10
4 / 10
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Other Runs


First half of an out & back from the hotel in Weston, Florida--in town for the FCIS Conference.

I had planned to wake up around 5, but the rain had moved in overnight, and I had some misgivings about running in the dark, in the rain, in a place I was completely unfamiliar with. At 6:30, I was out the door and then back in the hotel room. Finally got it together and hit it at 6:50 after having a serious talk with myself about not being a wuss.

GPS was slow to calibrate, so I recorded the two halves of the O&B separately and then corrected the distance for the first half manually.

Also, the scenery in Weston was entirely homogenous. But the Hyatt upgraded me to a suite, so that was nice--would have been better if I'd had the time to enjoy it.