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7:35 AM

5 km


6:56 mi


136.4 lb


65 F


10 / 10
10 / 10

Race Result

28 / 541 (5.2%)
4 / 32 (12.5%)
26 / 205 (12.7%)
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City of Winter Garden 5k

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Went out a little too fast (5:15!) and then got boxed a little in the first turn, even though I tried to set myself up to get through it.

I was glad I was prepared for the slight uphill at mile two--it was nice to be prepared to pass some people there, although I nearly paid for it in the second half of the last mile...I could feel the bile rising.

Melissa came out to support--saw her at the start, at 1.2 (when I was feeling good), and again at 3 (when I was feeling not so good).

Overall, a good race. Other than the start, there isn't anything I can think of to do differently, and I don't feel like I could have run more than a second or two faster. The goal for this race was 22 flat, so 21:30 feels like quite an accomplishment.