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7:32 AM

5 km


6:50 mi


137.8 lb


53 F


9 / 10
8 / 10

Race Result

11 / 152 (7.2%)
2 / 6 (33.3%)
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Oakland Park 5k

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Went out on pace for the first half mile, but couldn't hang on to sub-6:30 without running anaerobically.

I was in tenth place in the lead pack of maybe 15 runners as things settled out at the turnaround on Oakland Avenue 0.6 miles out and still in tenth in the turnaround at 1.25. Passed by two guys approaching 1.5 miles but then passed another one shortly after that and held on to that spot to finish 11th.

In my wildest dreams, I had hoped to run sub-20 today, but I'm still pleased with 21:12. It's an 18-second PR, and I ran it without a real taper--I took Wednesday and Thursday afternoons easy, but I still had almost 58 miles for the last seven days. After the run tomorrow, I'll finish the week in the 50s. Looking forward, I think I need to add more high-end aerobic work to my training.

Took 2nd in my age group, so I brought home my first-ever award from a race.