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7:31 AM

5 km


6:18 mi


136.2 lb


56 F


9 / 10
8 / 10

Race Result

8 / 347 (2.3%)
2 / 24 (8.3%)
8 / 140 (5.7%)
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Lots of the cross country team from West Orange running in this race, and the pace at the start was pretty quick--5:00/mi for the first bit. Settled in as quickly as I could to run 6:00/mi for the first mile--the plan was to run a 6:10/mi effort, but to actually run 6:00-6:05/mi for the first mile since it's a slight downhill. Lots of people went out fast, but by the time we hit the first mile marker, people were starting to fade. Me, too, looking at the splits, but not as much as other people were fading. About half a mile in, there were somewhere around 25 people in front of me, which had dwindled to maybe 18 or so by the mile. Pace slipped a little in the middle of the second mile as we were headed uphill, but I moved up pretty steadily during the second mile and most of the third, and was in 7th with about 400m to go and 8th and 9th right on my shoulder, when my left hamstring tweaked a bit--just as we were making the turn toward the finish. I managed to fend off one of the two on my shoulder, but the younger one--one of the high school xc runners--got me by two seconds.

I might add: We got floor tickets on short notice to see the Magic play last night, so it was a later night than I'd normally have before a race. Plus, there was beer.

At the end of the day, a nine second PR. 2nd age group, 8th overall. Now, it's time for pancakes.



Nice running, Troy! Sounds like you raced hard, my man.