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Name: Marco Boeri
Profession: senior research economist at RTI
Age: 41
Current Weight: 92 kg
Goal Weight: 72 kg
Location: Belfast
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Why do I run: 
I like it. It is healthy and it is a good challenge.
Why I started running: 
I stopped running in 2003 to dedicate more time to study, work, family. I was semi-professional young athlete in Italy at the time. I started again in 2013 after been challenged to run a half marathon by a colleague. I run the first half marathon in Belfast in September, but then stopped again (could not manage to find the time with work). In summer 2014 I started again cause I like it and I am way overweight. Now I aim for sub 19 5K, sub 40 10K, sub 90 HM and maybe 3:15/20 full marathon