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5:46 AM

26.2 mi


12:05 mi


50 F


8 / 10
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bumped my watch @ 24.39 miles. edited to "official time/distance" This was a very good time!! Small event. Small town. Good group of people. Hooking up with friends & meeting new ones...Nice course, cute aid stations, fun swag, etc.

Started off cool & foggy. Still partly cloudy & slighty breezy by finish. Broke one of the #1 rules of "nothing new on race day" :( new shoes & diff socks, I think the shoes worked pretty well - I'm blaming the socks for the deep middle ball blister! Still workable. Most of the "hills" were in the 1st half, btwn miles 8-13. While challenging, powered up just fine. Kept telling myself that they were NOTHING like my own backyard...still, they slowed me down..Got the 1st half in 11:00 avg pc. - felt pretty good. 2nd half involved lots of walking...partly my foot hurting...partly, who knows! I just DO this! However, I am getting faster with regards to my power walk segments & kept persistently pushing the run/walk so am pretty happy with my time. Had a MM for a pace bunny when the walking kicked in...she ran just a tad faster then me, I walked just a tad faster then she...ended up crossing the finish a few mins before her. :) Recovery was pretty solid..minor walking about on Sunday & went for 6.2 on Monday, which would have gone better sans excess coffee & heat!!!