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7:46 AM

8 mi


8:25 mi


221 lb


30 F
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Felt great out there today! Roads and sidewalks were mostly clear, though some chunky ice created trouble at times. Felt very good about my pace today, and was winded but not shot by the end. The skyline was just gorgeous, and the whole run was just fantastic. Grateful for the U of M student who cheered me on near mile 7. ;-) Running outdoors today was definitely a good choice.

Ran with a water bottle, but didn't need it. Ran with yaktrax in my backpack, just in case, but didn't need them. Running with a string backpack/gymbag was just fine (tying the bag strings together across my chest so the bag didn't bounce). Tights, short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, jacket, neck/head warmer, hat, gloves. Was cold at start, but then comfortable for most of run thereafter.