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7:13 AM

26.2 mi


8:52 mi


34 F
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National Marathon

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My first ever marathon, and overall I am very pleased. I went out too fast, probably, and paid for it on the last few miles (mile 24 was my first mile over 9:00). But to be fair to myself, those last few miles were also pretty hilly ... No joint or muscle pain, and felt great out there on the course. Very pleased to have completed my first marathon with a sub-4:00 time ... and looking forward, perhaps, to more. But not any time soon ... ;-)

The students at Howard University and the high school marching bands along Anacostia Drive SE were amazing! Love their energy, love their support! They were great!!!

Garmin data: 26.7 miles, 3:52:11. Data above edited to reflect official race data. I seem to have run an extra half mile - likely from taking the crowded turns wide. I hate the crowded turns ....