Large Runner's profile   

Profession: Packaging Engineer
Age: 66
Current Weight: 90.7 kg
Goal Weight: 83.9 kg
Location: Archbold, Ohio
About me: 
I work for a furniture making company. We make RTA (ready to assemble) furniture. I am also the head varsity soccer coach at the local high school. I have three grown children and 3 grandchildren.
Why do I run: 
Running is now an obsession with me. I run 6 days per week rain, snow, whatever. I know the rest of you do that too.
Why I started running: 
I started running 1/1/2004 when I was 50. I weighed 295. I'm at 200 now. I have not run a marathon yet. I run slowly, but have gone as many as 20 miles in training. I have been fighting injuries for the last two years.