Da Big OJ's profile   

Name: Orion
Profession: Engineer
Age: 45
Current Weight: 78 kg
Goal Weight: 70.3 kg
Location: Green Bay , WI
About me: 
I am currently living in Green Bay, WI. I have been running since high school and i ran in college. Because of work I took 4 years off from running after college. I am now trying to get back into running. I don't think i will ever run as fast as i did in college but i hope to run a lot faster then i am running now.
Why do I run: 
At this point of my life I run because it is such a part of my life. I have been running so long and it has helped define who I am. I cannot imagine not being part of the running community.
Why I started running: 
I started running because my mom would not let me play football. Also, my sister was a high school running star and i looked up to her. After the fun I had my first XC and track season i was hooked for life.