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7:22 AM

4.2 mi


7:51 mi


182.2 lb


65 F
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Chip time is 32:55 (7:51/mi pace). I forgot to stop my watch when I crossed the line. According to Garmin, the course measured short (4.17 miles)...Weird. Garmin usually measures long. Makes me wonder about the distance. Oh well. Ultimately, I changed stats to reflect the "course measurements and time". Not sure what the "correct" procedure is, but it makes sense to be consistent and not use Garmin info.

This was a tough run. A couple of hills involved made it particularly challenging. As you can tell by the pacing, I was losing steam the whole time. Had a blast though. Finished 1582/20627 overall, 1344/10301 men, 395/3078 division (men 30-39). Race was definitely crowded. Need to start on right side of corral next time, got hemmed in a bit at the start.