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Profession: KARK-TV Managing Editor
Age: 51
Current Weight: 72.6 kg
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
About me: 
I'm 45 years old and have one daughter who is 16. I'm also a Cubs fan (don't hold that against me!). But the only sport I participate in is running. I've completed in 13 marathons and countless half marathons, 5k's and 10k's. My Marathon PR (3:56:56) and 5k PR (22:33) both came in 2007.
Why do I run: 
I run because I LOVE it. I run to be by myself. I run to think. I run to get away from the stresses of work and life.
Why I started running: 
I started running in 2001, about a mile every other day, to try to lose weight. I gained weight with my wife when she was pregnant. I didn't start running for "competition" (if you can call it that) until 2002 when a buddy of mine asked me to participate in a 4 person relay for the first Little Rock Marathon. At first i laughed, thinking I could never run 6/7 miles for my leg of the relay. About two months later when I was up to 8 miles I was hooked and told myself I was going to train for the full marathon for the next year.